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Cooking - Ceramic Glass & Solid Elements

Large Quantities Will Not Boil, Slow Cooking POSSIBLE CAUSE: Use of cookware that is oversized or has an uneven, warped or grooved bottom. SOLUTIONS: Heavy-gauge, flat, smooth bottomed metal utensils are essential to achieve optimum cooking performance. The utensil should conform to the diameter of the cooking area, with no more than a 1 inch overhang. There are two ways to determine if cookware is appropriate for use on ceramic glass and solid elements: Ruler Test - Place the edge of a ruler across the bottom of the utensil. Hold up to the light. No light should be visible between the ruler and the pan bottom. Bubble Test - Put an inch of water into the utensil. Place the utensil on the cooking surface and turn the control to HI. As the water heats, observe the bubble formation. If the bubbles are uniform across the bottom of the utensil, it is suitable for cooking.