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Laundering - Dryer

Clothes Take Too Long To Dry How long a load takes to dry depends on many variables, such as size of load, garment thickness, fiber content, etc. In general, we estimate 6 bath towels (weighing approximately 5 lbs) will dry in a Maytag dryer in about 40-50 minutes, including a brief cool-down. A 12 piece permanent press load with slacks, shirts, shorts, dress, etc., (weighing approximately 5 lbs.) will dry in 30-40 minutes including "cool down". Keep in mind as the load size increases, so will the drying time. POSSIBLE CAUSES: Obstruction in exhaust ducting, hinged hood cover, extra long exhaust vent or use of flexible ducting. Overloading. A washer load is a dryer load. Failure to clean the lint filter.' Mixing loads - drying heavy, hard-to-dry articles with lightweight articles. Wrong temperature or degree of dryness setting if there is a choice. Dryer may be in regular or extended cool-down period. Check settings and User's Guide.